So, I thought I’d add a contact page since someone (whose post was accidentally classified as Spam and thus sadly didn’t get to be posted since I only had time to read it, and realize it wasn’t Spam, before pressing the Delete button) mentioned they had searched for one.

Here we go, I’m not really online on chat accounts and such but I’ll include my email( checked once or twice a week) and my Skype user name( until now…once or twice a century ? But I promise I’ll try to be on so you can contact me <) ) :

Skype : Fowl15 (or Fowl16… I don’t know exactly which one it is…so if you really want to contact me I’d suggest the mail !) (yes it’s a reference to the Artemis Fowl novels, I simply love that teenage criminal)

Gmail :   (3l1t3 hack3r style !!! (yeah…I’m a bit deranged…keeps the ideas coming though !))


Feel free to leave a piece of your mind behind :)

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