I’m a 21 years old studying Biology in France. I’m trilingual (French, English, Danish).

Currently, I’m studying at the University of Perpignan, Via Domitia (UPVD, for those who love short-hands).

I’m obsessed with Biotech, Entrepreneurship and Science in general, and hope one day to combine all 3 into a personal business !

I dabble slightly in Computer Science, MOOCS and Mathematics (VERY little…), tough I’d love one day to understand Integration !


Other than that, my hobbies include:

  • Fantasizing about the future.
  • Reading (manga, books, blogs, articles… whatever I can get my hands on !).
  • ….More Reading ? (I need to get some more hobbies… maybe mushroom growing? )

Feel free to leave a piece of your mind behind :)

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