Humanity’s lost tales, damnation outside our memories.



So, have you ever wondered why history is so focused on war, industry and our “civilization” ?


Maybe it’s because We, as a species, have an incredibly short memory.

It is common knowledge (or should be, if we actually listened to the science we adore so much) that human memory is NEVER right.

Scientists have discovered that when we remember something, it is, and sorry for using a computer metaphor,  rewritten like data, updated constantly, changed with whatever we see around us, or feel, or think.

Now, this means that there are some things that we cannot remember correctly, which is why we created History (the big H)…

Sadly, it is pervaded, was probably pervaded already at the beginning, which is why History has always been known as the “tale of the winners”, because the ones that wrote it down were already rewriting it, had already modified it to suit themselves.

We have to face it, History is crap, it’s purpose will never be fulfilled, it doesn’t represent that dreamy “objective” vision of the past we lust for, there will always be doubt, always be lies inside the lies.


I’m not saying we can’t learn anything from it, we just have to rethink WHAT we want to learn from it.

History is useless if we want a truly objective vision of the past, but it’s good enough for teaching what errors we shouldn’t commit again, which systems have shown to be too destructive to function, etc..

Of course, we can doubt this view of history, which is why I want to give some examples of how, as a species, we have, in nearly less than 2-3 generations, ripped our world apart:

  • North Africa was a gigantic lush forest,
  • Sahara came into being entirely because we cut the oceanic swath of forest down,
  • Christus, was a carpenter, that we know, but the implication is that he lived in a country of wood, no arid regions have use for carpenters, after all (therefore, nearly all movies going on about that time zone are pretty badly researched).
  • Walrus lived and breed at Nova Scotia,
  • The white bear walked North america, and is only called the polar bear because we’re too lazy to go into the arctic and finish their extinction (Oh…wait… our laziness seems to be killing them off by itself nowadays),
  • Europe had elephants, lions, tigers
  • The Labrador ducks, the sixty millions of bisons of North America, so many millions of species, dying or already dead.


Of course, there is not much to say about the state the world is in, it is burning while we speak, thousandths of creatures dying to satisfy the cravings of humanity, to create small plastic goods thrown away the next day, or made to break as easily as possible, so that “the market will grow on, and never give us a *depression*”.

We have to realize there is not much that can be said that will have any effect at all, we are dangerously approaching this “singularity” that everyone is talking about,


as always,

It’s not what technologists, newagists, catholics, or anyone else, for that matter, are expecting…

We are approaching, because of our limitless greed and our unwillingness to change, the most hardest challenge any species faces…

Because we dependt upon this world, We are approaching Extinction.



PS: And no, I’m not pessimistic, or sad, I’m just spending most of my days thinking about how to slow it down, and maybe moving away from all those “necessities” that are going to come crashing down… the Internet, for example, is not “stable” at all– after all, it is based on the commercial system of capitalism, that an object must be (A) Cheap, (B) flimsy and (C) incomprehensible to the masses ( just have it considered illegal to try and understand how it works… works just as well for those that believe the laws are there “for their protection”), so that the economy will keep growing, and growing…


“There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”



About novusophia

21 year old undergraduate (Year 2) Biology student in Perpignan, France. I'm obsessed with Biotech, Science in general, and Entrepreneurship, and planning on one day combining them all ! (Also, I'm going to take over the world... bow before the overlord !)
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