What to write…

It’s always a nightmare deciding what to write, which words to scribble or type, therefore, seeing as I’m completely out of ideas, I’ll grab the nearest one:

WHY is it so hard to write something down?

1. Anxiety:
We all feel that our words are representative of who we are, and few of us are capable of totally dissociating themselves from judgment rendered onto our ideas.
Therefore, we all feel a certain fear when we prepare to let out our newly-born, innocent ideas into the Big Bad World, especially since any judgment performed on them is seen by us as being one made onto our way of writing and thinking.

2. The Myth of Man The Killer.
This here above article I’ve linked to explains why it’s an unbased fear, but unbased or not, we’re still afraid of it.
In our society, we are constantly subjected to “news” of the latest killings, murders, rapes, ecological destructions, species to go extinct, etc.
This obsession of our media to only tell us of the bad apples –ignoring all the good we are doing !!– is representative of the governments of the entire world trying to retain a last string of control.
But enough about my opinion on the matter, for all of you, it is simply the fact that being reminded of all the evil of man, in whatever forms, makes us fear each other, makes us believe in this “myth” that most people are acting only for themselves… and would willingly kill you if the police and the law system were to break down. And, with this fear, we become convinced , and usually see it as fact, that every negative comment ruins a houndreth positives, that negativity governs positivity and that if there’s even one bad comment on our blogs, about or paintings, or any other form of expression, it means it is bad, ruined, and that you will be forever reminded of this failure.

3. Fear of Giving Up.
The fear of forsaking an idea in it’s midst, of not having the “will” to complete something, not being able to overcome obstacles, tries, and often succeds, to halt us in every creative moment we have.

4. Fear of Being Ignored.
The utter joy of presenting something YOU have made to the world is, at least for our imaginations, very often murdered in it’s tracks by the simplest of facts: “No one is commenting, Oh god it’s so bad it’s not worth flaming !!” and other small thoughts imperil our creativity because, with this negative mindset we have, we simply can’t seem to fathom that not being commented on is a sign of, maybe, not having said something that requires commenting, or having said something that doesn’t interest any of the people who HAVE visited your site, but might interest someone else, we are afraid of being ignored because, for us, these ideas represent more than just thoughts now that they are said, they have become the living embodiement of our love for writing, our fear of failure, and our opinions on this world.

5.Ideas are alive.
This one is a much more personal closer.
It’s the fact that, by writing something down, we give it a certain “power”, we feel compelled to hold to those words, to not change them, to not change opinions, because it’s become a static, living thing on the paper, a creature that governs, in and of itself, what our opinions are.
If we never wrote a word, never scribbled a line, then we would never envounter someone asking about your “contradiction”, asking why you are negating your previous statements, why you are being “inconsistent” in the development of your thoughts.
Sadly, that “person”, the one who makes that comment, very often is yourself, seeing your previous opinion, and having maybe forgotten entirely about it, will startle us by it’s sheer Alien feel, by the way that we can’t recognize it anymore as being “ours”.

Merry meet and merry part, as the wiccans say.



About novusophia

21 year old undergraduate (Year 2) Biology student in Perpignan, France. I'm obsessed with Biotech, Science in general, and Entrepreneurship, and planning on one day combining them all ! (Also, I'm going to take over the world... bow before the overlord !)
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