Primitive and Modern, and how we’re forgetting the True past.

We have all studied History, the big H one from school, in our youths.

But is this History of ours really significant? Why do we teach it if not to learn from it, and how come our day-to-day society, the one we’re in right now, shows us, for those that dare look at it, that we have learned Nothing ?!

We’re stuck in a society rotten throughout every single layer, and our history teaches us only of what we have to know to perpetuate it, here is a short tirade about the shortcomings of society and History touching every layer of our civilization, from economics, ecology, to the social life and the very core of the work-to-live ethic of our lives :

We have been though that “civilization” has saved us from barbarism, from starvation, that we live better than anyone ever has.

But have you not heard of what the History teachers, be it their will or not, are not telling us?

That it’s a lie, that the old “barbarian” cultures lived with more of what we, in our work-centered ethics, have come to call leisure “time”.

In the hunter-gatherer/scavenger-gardener societies of old, it was not necessary, as we have been led to believe, to work all 24 hours of the day just to scrape basic sustenance and survive, people were not tortured to death or constantly afraid of the night, rather, they lived in peace with the world surrounding them and — This is the vital part — Understood the nature surrounding them !! They lived in harmony with nature, obeying th rhythms that sustained all life, not maiming and killing the life surrounding them, not burning or destroying as we are, but helping and nurturing the natural rhythms. We have been taught that “agriculture” was an improvement on nature, that we are as gods on earth, free to do what we want to, to eat processed foods and play with our metallic trinkets, ignoring where they come from and what world they have destroyed to be created, but the reality is that there was a form of “agriculture”– more reasonably called bioculture, or naturoculture, because it is so close, most of the time the same as, nature’s normal cycles–  that we cannot “see” it in the past.

As I am writing this, I’m hearing a pub from the TV in the next room, talking about superb cars ready for “anything nature can throw at you”, these adverts, as with every other part of our culture, seems to program us to think of nature as a savage destructive presence that will destroy us, starve us, if we do not “fight back” with ever stronger technology, that gives us “what is our right’ stupid plastic trinkets that have no purpose other than distract us from the way their very production is killing the world we live on.

If we do not react, if we believe that we have the right to do what we want with this world, without realizing how we can never control, tame or domesticate Nature, we will face our deaths in the near future, the deaths of the living, breathing world around us, the death of the Biological world, the destruction of unique life that will probably never see the day again…

It is not, with our current systems of government and centralized authority, possible for humanity to become “sustainable”.

The “sustainability” of something means it can go on and on, wihtout damaging it’s environment, or damaging it so little it has plenty to time to regenerate. Now picture modern society, with it’s mountains of petroleum-based plastics and products, with it’s “sustainable technology” that depends on so much more limited resources and older, destructive technology. Resources, like bauxite and other ores, that are in limited supply on this world, and whose very extraction is dependent on even more destructive technology, and so on, and so forth, until the very world burns in the black smog of industrialism.

The point I am making is that we should not think we can ever make our current lifestyles of resource-wasting “guaranteed entertainment” or ” higher-than-ever-before comforts” sustainable. If we persist in this path, we will do as we always have, realizing too late that the bridge upon which we are treading leads nowhere, that the forest highway we have created leads to a wall of bare rock, and that we have burned the forest behind us, believing we would forevermore find lusher, greener things in front of us, until the end.

Until we see the faces of the murderers we have become reflected in the suffering maimed world we have created.

The True past can be shocking, here’s some food for your thoughts, so that you can see how our agricultural ancestors, those that we descend from and that we worship so much, have destroyed a world that we now believe we are destroying “afresh”, how this world has already been suffering way more than anyone believes. Here’s some facts to show how our technologically-inferior past, after they had betrayed the natural cycles, began what we are ending, did to this world things we believe are “naturally so”:

  • The Sahara desert, which expands by some 30 miles southward every year, was once a fertile forest, complete with it’s own unique plants and animals that have long since gone extinct, just because we decided to “improve” the yields of nature.
  • America is known for it’s vast plains, but have you noticed the fact that deserts are rapidly appearing? did you even know that there were nearly more bisons roaming that continent then there now are humans on earth?! And guess who killed them all… our friendly ancestors the Europeans, those that now call themselves Americans, did it all to eliminate those “pesky” natives who didn’t want to accept our “customs” of land ownership…
  • There are many more examples, just search the ‘net, that tool we use so freely, not tihnking about the fact that it is, itself, part of the destructive system we are trying to reject… Are we truly lost? For no Technology can even pretend to “Neutrality”, when it’s very creation depends on destructive procedures that nature never has the time to recover from.

Here is a list of resources for those that want to open their minds, and for those whose minds are already open, those who feel in their souls every life that is extinguished when they eat a sandwich for which they ignore the origin of the meat, when they drink water they have not themselves taken from the spring, when, ultimately, they proceed to do Anything involving our social norms ,morals and ethics:

Thinking like a Mountain.

Dead Tree’s Publishing Essays.

Anxiety Culture.

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The American Sahara.

Articles and Essays by Thomas J. Elpel: Author, builder and more.

Just for the Love of It.

Why work, one of those questions we’re programmed not to ask!


Nature skills.

primitive ways.

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The lessons of Eastern Island


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