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Primitive and Modern, and how we’re forgetting the True past.

We have all studied History, the big H one from school, in our youths. But is this History of ours really significant? Why do we teach it if not to learn from it, and how come our day-to-day society, the … Continue reading

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New Maths, or old, if you’re among the few that already knew this.

Nature Of College   A post referring to a post referring to a post, don’t you just love redundancy 🙂   Seriously, check it out.   It’s worth it, or it’ll give you nightmares, depends on how you cope with … Continue reading

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Originally posted on SPIDERSCRAWL:
/ The following post is the second part of an article which was originally published as ‘Repo Man’ in The Idler 42: Smash the System. It follows on from yesterday’s post. It’s a frank look at…

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