WhyWork, finding the lost essays, and why I love the human potential to evolve.

Hi everyone, You may have noticed I am working a bit on my “daily-posts”, first of all, it’s because I feel guilty, not for not posting something daily, but for not getting my ideas written down before I forget them ( and I’m having a lot of those, I can guarantee that ! ).

So, why am I posting about WhyWork ?

Simply said, it’s because I find their ideals, their values, to resonate with what I believe in.

Of course, not all the ideas resonate with me, but, as the very receptive resonating crystal of thought that I am, I am finding stuff that have always interested me and that keeps making connections with what I already believe in constantly turning up in new material that I find.

This is one such “Resonance of Ideas”, if you’re willing to hear me talk in such newage-ish terms ;), otherwise, it just kindles the fires that fuel my curiosity.

Enough about me and my madness, let’s get WhyWork into focus :

WhyWork is a website that promotes rethinking how we live, what we believe in, and, most importantly, makes us question the “social inequalities” that we have been brainwashed to believe are unsolvable.

Here’s a link to their main page and some links to several essays that I have found on the net that are linked to on their page (the links here mentioned,except for the main-page of course, are the “lost” ones I mentioned in the title, links who are indicated on their website but are broken where I have managed to find the original essays again), so that you can see for yourself how profound a message the CLAWS ( Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery.) are sending out :

WhyWork homepage

Do you wanna work or do you wanna job ?

Seven Great Alternatives to College

We’re not off to see the Wizard:revisiting the Idea of College.

Manual labor as an attractive career for the college-educated

The Cult of the Job

The Abolition of Work

We Don’t Want Full Employment, We Want Full Lives!

Bob Black: Abolitionist and Archestrator of the Slack Revolution

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Anxiety Culture Webzine

Some of the links aren’t really broken, but I thought I might as well include them here as they are very interesting in themselves.

Oh, and I found a site that explains a bit more about EarthShips, and living in harmony with nature in general.

As much as it may traumatize some to think of living in a house made of tyres, beer cans, and other miscellaneous items, I’d think it sounds exciting, especially with their future-like look.

(Blatantly Fake Post Scriptum)

(B)FPS: If you’re on a pay-by-the-hour Internet paying scheme and mostly read articles on the net, get Pocket ( ReadItLater ) add-on for your browser and set it to auto-download any articles you save, this will let you save any article link you fancy and read them off line later, without worrying about the costs of the ‘net.




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21 year old undergraduate (Year 2) Biology student in Perpignan, France. I'm obsessed with Biotech, Science in general, and Entrepreneurship, and planning on one day combining them all ! (Also, I'm going to take over the world... bow before the overlord !)
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