Adelaide, Earthships and what the hell I’ve been doing for all this time.

G’Day mates (yup, Aussie culture is leaving it’s beginning to affect me !!)

I’m in Adelaide, a city in South Australia that, supposedly, is very active.

For the moment I’ve been staying at a hostel named YHA for the last 2 days and have begun searching for a job in the surrounding area ( among the possibilities, milkman, sales person, resort working hand, and lots of other little stuff like that…)


I’ve just left Mildura, which I didn’t really explore, since I was too occupied with my thoughts and, more importantly, my 10-hours constant week of orange picking ( EVERYONE, which amounts to around 15-18 people, that have been living in the Vicky’s (our “employer”) hostel back in mildura will tell you it’s a nightmare there)

Of course, the hostel we stayed at in Mildura was composed of several rooms and a kitchen and living room… and cost EACH person staying there ( approx 9-max in each of the two houses) had to pay 150 + 50 for transport… We learned the hard way to spit on any job ads that “guarantee” work !!


Plus, we barely gained enough to turn a profit ( mine was 39 dollars, some of the others lost up to 120 in the long run) so, with four germans that stayed in the house next door, we resolved ourselves to change scenery and take a bus to Adelaide, where we are now.


I’ve discovered lots of stuff I never suspected could exist, probably because of the negative way I’ve viewed humanity’s potential for betterment until now:

* first of all, I’ve made friends in an incredibly short time with the people with whom I traveled here ! I’ve never been extraordinarily social, so I didn’t expect I could socialize to easily with near-complete strangers. I guess there’s a truth in the “making friends over the bin” I’ve heard of, the saying that you can make good firendships when you work at a frustrating, long, picking job with others.

* Secondly, Ive been surfing the ‘net a bit to look for interesting info about the ability to live without money, or at least be mostly economically independent.



This leads me to the Earthships, The concept is fascinating !!

To be able to create a home for under 6000 bucks and near-entirely out of the waste of others, and not have to give up on those “basic” necessity’s of our society, (aka., warm water, heating, electricity,etc.) is a daring but, most of all, illuminating idea !!

I’ll try out some of these ideas in the future, I’m sure, especially since the whole idea behind my trip down-under was so I could finance my education, and not spend my time working at MCDonalds ( or MCDumb 😉 )

So, I think I’ve pretty much told all there is to tell for now, If anyone has any comments, suggestions, or even would just like me to post more often ( or with a real coherence between the subjects!)


Greetings from Oz,



About novusophia

21 year old undergraduate (Year 2) Biology student in Perpignan, France. I'm obsessed with Biotech, Science in general, and Entrepreneurship, and planning on one day combining them all ! (Also, I'm going to take over the world... bow before the overlord !)
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