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why america just got itself ridiculed in my eyes…

So, This is a rather political-oriented post, but it’s about something no-one would expect it to be about anyway. 9/11, as you know, was the date of the World Trade Center towers collapse due to a hijacked plane flown by … Continue reading

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Free Education… what can I say?

There’s not much to college anymore but the degrees they give, and, given the power ( good or bad) that the Internet can hold, and already holds, in the mind of corporate business (if they see it as a way to profit, they’re bound to be able to see that their employees can get educated on it too.. or am I too optimistic ?). I believe that, if you learn the basics of SE ( Social Engineering, Rhetorics, whatever you choose to call it) then you can “convince” your ( future ) employer to consider a virtual no-degree education as good enough.


Programmer’s have an easy way to prove this, if it’s web design, just make a elite website to show the boss, and tell them they can have a custom-made one if they hire you 😉 .


Here’s today’s share ( seeing as I have a lot of free time while waiting for a reply to my CV, I’ll probably post quite a bit, especially with the free wifi around these parts XD).

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WhyWork, finding the lost essays, and why I love the human potential to evolve.

Hi everyone, You may have noticed I am working a bit on my “daily-posts”, first of all, it’s because I feel guilty, not for not posting something daily, but for not getting my ideas written down before I forget them … Continue reading

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Adelaide, Earthships and what the hell I’ve been doing for all this time.

G’Day mates (yup, Aussie culture is leaving it’s beginning to affect me !!) I’m in Adelaide, a city in South Australia that, supposedly, is very active. For the moment I’ve been staying at a hostel named YHA for the last … Continue reading

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