Programming. Simple Thoughts

So, today I’m going to talk about Programming in general

Most people, at some moment of their lives, encounter a fastidious problem with some software they are using, begin asking themselves how their computer is working, or find something they want to do that no software does (or something else entirely ei., “it would be cool if I could hack into my sister’s msn without having to download a probably virus infested hacker program”).

Now programming, the act of creating software, seems obviously useful. It has been demonstrated again and again that programmers seem to fare better than others when it comes to accomplishing tasks in new, out-of-the-box, ways. Why? You may ask. Well, it’s simply because their brains, with their constant rewiring, adapt to what programmers spend most of their time doing : Inventing better ways to solve a problem, or even solve it for the very fist time!

If you’ve followed me till here, You may have noticed this post is not exactly going to talk about how to become a programmer, or what sites to visit (there’s a infinite variety of Programmer forums and sites where you can learn programming, Why not? since the Internet, Wide World Web as it’s also called, is the fruit of past Programmer-intensive work 🙂 )

Of course, It is not only computers that are programmable, nearly anything can be programmed ( with the appearance of the Arduino, even the coffee machine can be controlled if you happen to find a way to plug the Arduino into it :)) for examples :

  • Computers (Duh!)
  • Your Cellphone
  • Your tablet (be it Ipad(if you can get through to the proprietary code of Apple, that is…they don’t like being hacked very much. Google is a much better sportsman when it comes to accepting defeat) or others )
  • Your Calculator (one geek at my school makes his Casio 35+(one of the main models) play music…We geeks have too much free time !)
  • Your Lawnmower
  • You (ei., the Internet is changing the way we think…Cool or Scary ?)
  • Other’s (well, this is more commonly known as SE, Social Engineering, but it’s a commonly accepted Hacker skill. Proving we’re not all unsocial geeks…some of us are (un)social geeks who can make you believe they’re un(social)….while making you give up your bank account or password on the way 😉 —> This happens to be the biggest security risk for any IT company that believes their beloved  UL7R4 F1r3w4ll will protect them …and then an employee temporarily deactivates it because “He was told to do so by the IT guy from _Insert company here_  over the phone”! )

Ah well, Just thought I’d share my passion with you.


P.S: While we’re at it, here’s some terminology to get those media-implanted prejudices out of your head :

  1. != (This symbol, in nearly all programming languages, means “not equal to”)
  2. Hacker != Criminal/cyberbully/cyberwarrior
  3. CyberWarrior =  someone hired by the state to be most knowledgeable in what the Governments around the world believe could be the future of warfare –> Information Warfare, or CyberWar.
  4. CyberWar = A war in which the most common attacks would be to target all infrastructure that has an internet connection (aren’t you just lucky that your local Nuclear station is protected against that…Oh…wait…it’s still connected to the Net…Damn!)
  5. CyberBully = ambiguous term meaning, at least for me, someone who bullies someone else to tears through illegal means ( continuous Flame Mails, Hate mails, bullying of Facebook…)
  6. Flame/Hate mails = A continuous series of mails that insult you for (most of the time ideological And/or (emphasis on the “And”) idiotic) something you have done and that are known to come in Chains (aka, there’s several in a row. if from a CyberBully your contacts often get hacked so he can send inconspicuous mails containing Hate words and Insults from what appears to be your friends/relatives/lover(s))
  7. And now, The Most Important Definition :
  8. Hacker == Tinkerer (yeah… we thinker with things, one good example of why we can hack anything in our surroundings is probably this blog : Lifehacker

My Greetings to you all. Peter.


Have fun !


About novusophia

21 year old undergraduate (Year 2) Biology student in Perpignan, France. I'm obsessed with Biotech, Science in general, and Entrepreneurship, and planning on one day combining them all ! (Also, I'm going to take over the world... bow before the overlord !)
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