ProofReading !


I recently stumbled upon an incredible site : Project Gutenberg .

This site aims to create an exact copy of any book they can get, reasonably, get their hands on which fulfills one of two conditions:

  • The copyright is outdated ( on their site they mark that this usually goes for any book copyrighted before 1923)
  • The author has released his, still copyrighted, book for unlimited, non-commercial, use worldwide.

This site caught my interest because it has over 38 000 books already ( and most of them are in different formats, so even the new eReaders can use them) and it has many affiliates. which leads me to the title of this post :

One of the affiliated sites is focused on Proof-Reading the books that they obtain through Used & Rare bookshops, old libraries, and wherever they find them, this affiliates name is, simply, ProofReader.

The interesting thing is of course the way they are battling to preserve, and give to the public, some of the old Classic books that sometimes can only be found in museums or in rare collections.

But, for me, The most interesting thing is how ProofReader does it:

You register an account and they then send you an “Introductory” email giving you the know-how you need to begin :

  1. Read the general ProofReading guidelines.
  2. Choose a project.
  3. ProofRead a page.

This very simple process is rendered incredibly effective because, not only is every page proof read by two or more Readers, but the entire project you are working on is also being worked on by maybe tens of dozens of others.I find it interesting that ProofReaders managed to adapt the age old job of the Copyist monks on a global, modern, level.

Of course, seeing as I am also deeply interested by Hacking ( e.i hacking anything, which means simply means using an item in a way that it wasn’t designed/made for ) I can imagine the existence (hypothetical or real) of sites like ProofReader that would specialize in the books whose copyright, well, hasn’t exactly expired yet *smile*

So, time for a little (humorous…)add for ProofReader:

<<Have you ever dreamed of being a copyist Monk? Just without the inconvenient parts (you know, shaving your hair off, working in a monastery, becoming an hermit and living off the land) ?>>

<< Proof Reader is for you ! and afterwards, you can always use the remaining time to read your hard work and feel the proud sensation of being it’s “maker” on Gutenberg ! >>

So, I encourage everyone to have a go at ProofReading ( even one page, the amount they themselves recommend per day, is fine ! ) and enjoy the feeling of being part of something big ( in the good way, not the one French people have when they hear the same political/thrash arguments from two presidential candidates who are supposed to be, for one, Far Right, and for the other, Far Left. ).

And afterwards, feel welcome to comment about what project you worked on or why you did it ( I’ll be very happy if something in the way of <<I did it because this post inspired me to !>> appears *laughter* ).

My Best Wishes.


About novusophia

21 year old undergraduate (Year 2) Biology student in Perpignan, France. I'm obsessed with Biotech, Science in general, and Entrepreneurship, and planning on one day combining them all ! (Also, I'm going to take over the world... bow before the overlord !)
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