Hello World

Well, I thought I might as well begin my Blogging experience with a programmer’s salute to a new “language” (aka, the title of this post).

So, A little explanation as to why I made this blog(You never know, Someone might be interested…):

I’ve always been very fond of reading:

In college, if you asked who the person sitting in the middle of the playground, totally oblivious to the balls flying over his head and the people nearly tripping over him, was, then you had a 70% chance that that would be me ( Make that 99% if the person happened to be reading Science-Fiction).

So, as you can see, I was a bookworm who thought socializing was dumb ( to say it harshly ).

Five years later . I’m in Terminal S ( for non-frenchies, That would be the last class of secondary Education, the year before University, with a heavy basis on Science and, sadly for me, Mathematics).

My “Social Skills” have gotten a lot better, to the point where I actually have Friends ( even though sometimes I think their conversations are meaningless…At least they accept when I just passively sit and listen to them from over my book! ).

Anyway, let’s get to the “point” :

I began this blog because I wanted to try something new and, hopefully, exciting : To be part of a network of like-minded people. I want to try expressing myself on subjects that matter to me.

Therefore, This first post is probably not going to be very “bright”, but at least it’s spacey (e.i I’m overly fond of the ENTER button on my keyboard ).

So, even though this is supposed to be the famous “First Post” that every blog about blogging I’ve seen up until now ( AKA a lot, but the one with the best guide line, after my opinion, the one I’m trying to follow right now, is  ProBlogger )  qualifies as “The All Holy Post Of The Genesis”, I’ve taken the liberty not to anchor it in any special context or domain.

Anyway, on this blog ( named NovuSophia (imitation of the Latin for “New Knowledge”  ) as a way to describing – albeit poorly – what the blog will focus on ) I’ll try to keep true to only one guideline throughout my posts : Share with the world the new fascinating knowledge that I’ll discover throughout my life.

Of course, as a Guideline, It’s pretty vague, So let’s say that after a few posts, or maybe even now, if you so desire, You could try pointing me in the direction that you think my posts suit the most, or propose some other guidelines.

This post now draws towards it’s end, the only thing that I feel is left to say is to say :

What do you think ?

Should I continue blogging about whatever comes through my mind or should i try and make the blog pertain to a specific subject ( I can already guarantee, as most people have probably also concluded after reading this post, that I’ll be concentrating on Books a lot ) ?

Last , but not least, Thanks for spending some time reading my first blog post and flaming/criticizing/encouraging me afterwards. My Best Wishes.


About novusophia

21 year old undergraduate (Year 2) Biology student in Perpignan, France. I'm obsessed with Biotech, Science in general, and Entrepreneurship, and planning on one day combining them all ! (Also, I'm going to take over the world... bow before the overlord !)
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2 Responses to Hello World

  1. Currie Rose says:

    Congrats on starting a blog. 🙂 Welcome.

    To answer your question, I think if you have a general theme to your blog it works well. However, in my experience, my blog is sort of like my diary….. so I just write about whatever is nagging to leave my heart space in order to be seen by the world. Sometimes I stick with my theme and sometimes I don’t and I find people respond as long as it comes from my heart. 🙂

    Good luck with your blogging endeavor.

  2. novusophia says:

    Thank you for your answer. It is true that most blogs I’ve looked at for the moment have a general theme , but for me to find one…
    Maybe I’ll write about my trip to australia ( which is, anyway, going to occupy at least 3-4 months of the next year. I can hardly wait to get the exams done with and get travelling 🙂 ).
    I also thing I’m gonna end up doing a little (…um, a lot) off-topic posts on the blog as i discover new stuff XD .

    Best wishes, Peter

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