Dwarf Fortress

Hello there ! (if there’s anyone out there at all..?)

So, today I thought I’d share one of the two only games that I have actually really played and enjoyed for the last year (yeah…depressing isn’t it… ):

Dwarf Fortress is what you would call a, well, deeply complex game with many good sides, I won’t explain the basics or anything, I’ll just give the pros and cons + a few screen-shots to demonstrate each:


  • There’s more than 150+ layers to dig into!
  • you can play for any reason you want ( the game is focused around having FUN, where fun in the official DF slang is, well, to lose ! and to rebuild afterwards ! )
  • You control an entire civilization of dwarfs !! Who hasn’t dreamed of this :

These pictures illustrate the 2-D beauty of DF…after you install a graphic pack, that is !

which leads me to the Cons:


  • Dwarf Fortress is originally designed with ASCII graphics ( for those who don’t know…observe the following image and try to determine what is what :) ) :

Yep, that’s ASCII for you, only recommended to the “old-school 3l1t3 hackers” .

But fortunately, as you can see in the above pics, there’s several graphic packs available to ease your eyes .

  • Incredibly steep learning curve, but for that you have The Complete And Utter Newbie Tutorial.
  • Well, if you can’t stand losing, then you’re in for a mouthful ! this is the only game I’ve ever found where losing is funnier than creating a great civilization !

That’s that for today folks ( always wanted to say that…even if I have no idea why !)

I know that there’s already lots of posts about DF and a number of guides and stuff, I just wanted to justify my new temporary blog header a little ( +, if I create any new addicts, even one, that’s one more person to play with when we all go to Dwarf Fortress Hell for killing so many innocent dwarfs !)


P.S : If anyone wondered…Yeah, the second game is Minecraft XD ( and , due to computer problems, I have not played either of these for over 2 months !)

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